Don McCulloch Bio

Since 1992, Don McCulloch and his company, Radio DeLuxe, have served hundreds of radio stations across the USA and in five foreign countries, providing CD libraries, show prep material, music scheduling services, and consulting, all geared to Jazz and Pop Standards radio formats.

Don began working in radio while in high school in his native Pasadena, California. That was the beginning of a career that took him to San Diego, Denver, Portland, and Los Angeles. His resume includeds many strong personality stations, with familiar call letters like KOGO, KPRI, KPPC, KLZ, KOA, KIMN, KEX, and KMPC. And he was heard nationwide on The Music of Your Life satellite network.

The most significant job offer came from the station that Don had long admired since his youth in Pasadena:  MOR giant KMPC, Los Angeles. There, at Gene Autry’s legendary flagship station, Don worked from 1982 to 1992 alongside such outstanding personalities as Robert W. Morgan, Jim Lange, Wink Martindale, Johnny Magnus, Pat Butrum, Johnny Grant, and many others.  It was there that Don worked closely with Program Director John Felz, developing programming concepts that became the roots of the Radio DeLuxe format.

In 1992, the prototype of the Radio DeLuxe format was launched on a station in the high desert city of Palmdale, California. It was a hit; and soon after, Don syndicated the format, working from an office on the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon.