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“Letters, we get letters, we get stacks and stacks of letters”

(From The Perry Como Show, borrowed by David Letterman, stolen by Radio Deluxe)



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Read what Radio Deluxe listeners say about the show:

“Just finished the Radio Deluxe show featuring Terry Teachout. How absolutely cool. How hip. It swings. It’s magnificent.”
-Hugh Branson

Enjoying your program as I write. It is on the menu of a great station here in the metro Denver area at KEZW.”
-Noreen Jackson
Los Angeles


“I was flicking the radio today, trying to find my regular Sunday Morning favorites when I found your show on Toronto’s JazzFM. I can’t tell you what a fantastic feeling it gave me to hear, not just the music, but the Legend herself…Barbara Cook. I’m 39 and grew up with Country, rock and pop, but have graduated to the Standards and the musical gems that you so wonderfully showcase. Keep up the beautiful work.”
-Robert Marshall


Love your show … the Great American Songbook is very special to me … I was weaned on Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, Johnny Mercer and all the greats. … keep up the good work – best of luck to you both!”
-Howard Green
North Hollywood, CA


I heard about your radio program while watching The Tony Danza Show. John Pizzarelli was a guest and briefly talked about his radio show. What are your call letters/station number for the Southern California area?”
-Larita J.


“Just want to say how much I love your show. I listen to it religiously at work. Anyway, what about a show of newcomers, for example, Jane Monheit, Sara Gazarek, Erin Bode, Jamie Cullum, Michael Buble, and other singers that are bringing back the old standard to the mainstream? Thanks.”
-Enrique Chumbes


“Haven`t been a “fan” of anybody special for years. I just like good music. Caught you at Catalina Jazz Club last year and was hooked. Saw you at the Bowl this year… Would really like to see “The First Family of Cool” When will you be in the L A area ?”
-Rick & Jeannie


“Your fabulous show plays at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday night here in Denver on KEZW 1430 am. Of course, this strategic placement poses an occasional problem, namely, I have to hurry home to catch your show, no matter what I’ve been up to. Anyway, thanks for your incredible show. Keep up the good work.”
-Freddy Bosco


I really really enjoy your show on Saturday and Sunday afternoons in Houston, on Ronnie’s station.”
Thank you,
-Mary Jane Johnson
, long time fan in
Houston, Texas


“How good can this get! I just listened to last week’s Pizzarelli show…brilliant! I continue to be in love with these shows…and these people. The show reliably brings these fascinating people and their wonderful music right into our heads…but this particular show was a triumph. This is very very cool stuff. …I’m humming “Cry me a river”.”
Thank you.
-Dave Zahn
Montpelier, VT


“First off I must say that your show on Saturday night is indeed a “great find” for me here in Los Angeles. While driving home Saturday night I could just envision myself looking out to all of NYC from Lexington Avenue, 6th floor! All the best – A new and loyal listener in Los Angeles…”
-Lori Peikoff
Los Angeles


“I woke up to “Radio Deluxe with John Pizzarelli” and I love it! I’ve never heard this kind of intimacy and whimsy between a host and their guests. The music was excellent especially right at the beginning with “Goody Goody” – I can’t help but sing along with John, Jess and Madeline! Keep up the good work, keep up covering the NYC cabaret scene and I’ll be fine and dandy.”


“This is a first for me. I have never written a fan letter to anyone about anything, but I had to let you know just how enjoyable it is to listen to John & Jessica, and their guests, each Sunday morning, doing the Great American Songbook on Radio Deluxe. Here on the northern US border, in Buffalo, NY, we listen to Radio Deluxe on Jazz FM 91 out of Toronto, Ontario. Thanks for creating such a great show, and continued success.”
-Dan Kelley
Buffalo, NY


“I live in Toronto, Canada and listen to Radio deluxe on CJRT I absolutely love the show. I try to make sure I’m free on Sunday mornings so that I can listen to it. I like the easy relaxed style. Please keep on making this show!”
-Pat Parisi


“Radio Deluxe is a terrifically engaging show. Very laid back and chock full of good conversation and great music. I’d like to be able to hear the show in its entirety every week.”
-Doug Redfearn
Burlington, Ontario


“Just a note to say thanks for a great radio show. In an era of canned garbage format programming, you have the right stuff!”
-RC Stilwell
Portland, OR


“My hubby and I just love listening to your show on Sunday mornings!! We even take to the kitchen floor for some pajama dancing. Our 6 year old, Griffin joins in of course. You and your wife are wonderful . And of course when your daughter Maddie joins in it just makes the show just that much more! The guests are just amazing. We loved hearing from Liza a few weeks ago. Even though we are in our early 40’s my husband and I just love all things big band, swing and of course all that jazz!! Listening to the stories of your guests old and new brings such a wonderful dynamic to their music, not to mention all the anecdotes you share about yourself and your Dad’s legacy. Can’t wait for this Sunday and more PJ dancing!! Cheers!!”


“Just learned about your fabulous program featuring host John Pizz from an article in today’s Charlotte Observer. I then logged onto John’s website and listened to his demo sample. Wow, what a great idea! It was just like sitting around his apartment, using my imagination. I even invented a cat walking by his wife and snuggling up to John’s leg. I loved the program.”
-Steve Wohl


I’m telling all my friends what a great show!”
Los Angeles